Cyber Integrity

Alliance with PAS Global to provide solutions for ensuring full-scope OT Integrity — from the sensor to the cloud, including OT Inventory Digitalization, Process Safety, & Cyber Security.

Alarm Management

Alliance with PAS Global for world-class consulting serivces and PlantState Suite™ (PSS™) software. Providing advanced alarm management consulting services, including alarm philosophy development, flood suppression, dynamic alarming/state-based alarming, etc.

Research & Development Services

Design, training, implementation, & maintenance for inferential properties, i.e. soft sensors or virtual on-line analyzers. Reasearch & development for precision temperature control using high-frequency induction heating technology.

Advanced Process Control

Improving ARC for plants where furnaces burn recycled waste gases for strict environmental requirements. We invented an approach that makes a PID controller function as a multi-variable one (MVC) using a Dynamic Offshoot Factor, DOF (Patents: US #9541906B2, Taiwan #I621001, China #201410281718.2).

APC Implementation Services

Design, training, implementation, & maintenance for multivariable control (MVC) & real-time optimization (RTO). Alliance with AMT for large-scale projects and with Honeywell & CTC for APC Software (RMPCT™ & MAXAPC™).

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